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What are Self-Realization, Awakening, Liberation, and Enlightenment?

You are the One Self, Awareness Itself. Stop for a moment right now, and notice this presence of awareness that you are here and now. Notice that you are spacious, open, awake and free. Notice that these words are arising in this spacious openness that you are. Notice that all of the activities of the mind, the seeking and suffering, the resistance and attachments, the stories and dramas all play out in your spacious, open presence of awareness.

This peaceful, loving, spacious openness is what you are. This spacious openness is the Self, the Liberation, the Awakening, the Enlightenment, the Peace and the Love for which you've been seeking. You have always been, and always will be simply THIS.

It's apparent that you already are this witnessing presence; you are the Self. You know this from your own direct experience. Everywhere you go; there you are as this witnessing presence. Right now you are this freedom, this liberation, this awakening, this enlightenment. There is nothing mystical about your presence as awareness you just are. Notice it now.

There can be a tendency to spiritualize or mystify this simple presence of awareness that is always here and now, especially after having what could be called life-changing experiences, realizations and epiphanies. You are always this simple witnessing presence. Sometimes you witness what seem to be mystical experiences, and other times the mundane, but you are always this simple witnessing presence peaceful and free.

All there is is This there is nothing else.
There's nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to become.
This is all there is.
All there ever was is This.
All there ever will be is This.
There is nothing else just This.
Nothing mystical. Nothing mundane.
Just This.
And You are This.

My interest in communicating this message is to de-mystify the concepts of Awakening, Liberation, Self-Realization, and Enlightenment. And to share the fact that it's possible to be free of psychological suffering, and free of spiritual seeking.

My approach is to share my direct experience, and to speak from the heart about what I have found to be true. And I'm finding that those who stop for a moment, consider the suggestions offered, and apply them to their own direct experience are finding themselves free of psychological suffering and spiritual seeking.

You may notice that the message being shared here is shockingly simple. And possibly for that reason, those who have keenly developed intellects tend to overlook the obvious, and continue exercising their intellect with never-ending questions, doubts, and Yes, buts! So the appearance of suffering and seeking goes on.

If you stop for a few moments and look to your own direct experience for the answers, you may be surprised how quickly and easily psychological suffering and spiritual seeking come to an end. If your interest is in being free of psychological suffering and free of the outrageous myths of enlightenment, then look to your own direct experience for answers to the fundamental questions posed here. It is this simple.

Being free of psychological suffering and spiritual seeking does not require years of spiritual practice, meditation, faith, trust, understanding of complex religious philosophies, or a keenly developed intellect. Psychological suffering and your spiritual search come to an end by seeing in your own direct experience that what you are in essence is simply awareness, and that nothing can trouble you but imagination.

Your being is not a thing or an object that can be grasped. The attempt to do so is an exercise in futility. Being-awareness (your true nature) is already fully present and known. Do you know "you are"? Yes. Is awareness present now? Yes. This is all this is. There is no awakening, enlightenment, embodiment or liberation involved in this at all. Those who promulgate such concepts are simply in error and demonstrate a profound misunderstanding of the basic facts of non-dual spirituality. This is about something so simple and clear that we are apt to overlook what is really being communicated. Once we start to look for "it", we have already gone astray, so to speak, because there is an assumption that we do not see it or know it. This is completely fallacious.

Until your life is lost you will always wonder why . . . for that which is sought has never been lost, but what the seeker tries to understand can never be known.

That is why there is nothing in The Open Secret message for the seeker to grasp and claim ownership of . . . no special states of bliss, stillness or presence are on offer.

The fallacy of the need to attain earnestness, acceptance or refinement of the body mind is exposed. You will not be invited to look within and discover "your true nature" or that state of awareness which promises so much but comes and goes so quickly. There are no spiritual lollipops of any kind on offer here.

There is no compromise with the seeker's need for guidance, process or teachings of becoming . . . nothing is for sale but the fairy story of the little "me" could expire.

The gift of being together in this palpable boundlessness is that already what you are is seen as wholeness, without expectations or demands. Confusion and resistance can dissolve in the light of openness and nothing will be left. Out of that nothingness emerges the indescribable fullness and wonder of simply being.

Tony Parsons - April 2007